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The 100th Dive

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Well trained divers are always encouraged to log their dives.  In addition to keeping track of the interesting marine life you see, it also helps you keep track of personal bests and new milestones.  From deepest dive to longest dive, you will see your number of dives increase.  One significant such milestone is your 100th dive.

To celebrate this momentous milestone, it is a long running tradition to do your 100th dive naked.  Scuba diving is  an equipment intensive sport, so lets clarify what naked means.  Of course you will require the Scuba unit (BC, Tank, Regulator), mask and fins.  Wet suits, and of course swim wear, are against the rules however.  Here we will give you some tips and advice for a fun, memorable and safe 100th dive.


Christopher McCandless, immortalised in the book and film Into the Wild, said “Happiness is only real when shared“.  A naked dive is much more fun if you have other naked divers to enjoy it with.  Many divers hit their 100th dive during or soon after their Divemaster course, so get your fellow divemaster trainees involved.  This does require a little bit of planning as you don’t ideally want to be assisting students on an Open Water Course when you are naked.

Naked Robyn 100


Unless you are a true exhibitionist at heart, you probably won’t want to be naked for the boat trip to the dive site, or even the walk along the beach if it’s a shore dive.  You also need to consider your choice of dive site.  If you are diving in a location with an abundance of divers you might want to choose one of the less visited sites.  Visiting a busy dive site you might find your naked body is showing up on the Open Water course videos shot by videographers at many of the bigger dive schools. If you are really shy then you may even opt of a night dive but this is considered by most as cheating.

Most divers on their 100th dive tend to enter the water with swim wear, and then remove it before descending.  Make sure you have a secure BC pocket to keep your swim wear in.  Watch out for worn out velcro or holes in pockets, otherwise you might have return to the dive shop naked too.

Sea Lice

The ocean is full of various stingy things, it could be sea lice, or small jelly fish.  Their nematocysts (stinging cells), which don’t affect your normally exposed skin, will be far more noticeable on your nether-regions.  This may come as a shock at first, but shouldn’t be too serious so you can continue with the dive.

Finning Technique

When a new diver begins diving they will start by learning the flutter kick.  As they become a more advanced diver they will become proficient in other techniques.  One such technique is the frog kick.  You can probably visualise what it would be like to follow behind a naked diver doing the frog kick, so bear this in mind as you traverse the dive site.


Air Consumption

On my 100th dive, I was with 4 other guys.  We swam around a very busy dive site in single file, (Chumphon Pinnacle at Koh Tao).  Whenever we passed another group of divers you would see them do a double take, and then massive cloud of bubbles erupting from their regs as they began laughing.  You will find yourself laughing a lot too which will cause you to use up your air much faster.  So be prepared for a shorter than normal dive.

Stay Safe

You will of course be having a great time, diving around naked with your naked friends, but its important to remember to dive safe.  Don’t let the all the naked body parts around you distract you from the things you have to be checking.  Keep an eye on your air.  Don’t forget your No Decompression Limits.  And remember to do a naked safety stop at 5 meters for 3 to 5 minutes.


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