Deep Diving

Course Description

Deep diving is the speciality that will increase your diving range and thus places you can dive, probably more than any other speciality. This is why nearly all divers eventually get certified as a deep diver – it simply gives you the ability to properly enjoy the full range of places to go and dive in the whole world.

An Open Water Diver can only go to 18m; with the right experience (or an Advanced course) that can be increased to 30m – with a Deep speciality, you can go all the way to 40m!



The course can be conducted in 1 or 2 days dependent on your preparation and time constraints.



– Preparation – Learn from the course book and DVD;.
– Theory – theory session , run through the knowledge reviews
– Dives – – 4 dives on great local divesites – 2 at more than 20m depth, 2 at more than 30.
– Assessment – knowledge reviews, in water assessment, final exam.



SSI Deep speciality certification – able to dive to 40m



– Age: 15 years
– Certified Open Water Diver or above
– Medically fit (Please see medical questionnaire)

Deep Diving Specialty Course – 3,900,000 IDR