Dive Control Specialist

Dive Control SpecialistCourse Description

To become a Dive Control Specialist is to take the first step on the dive professional ladder, the course itself is the most intense of the courses you will have already taken but also the most fun!

As soon as you have completed the Dive Guide and the Science of Diving programs, you will be awarded with the SSI Divemaster rating. You are then on your way to becoming an SSI Dive Control Specialist.

Completing the Science of Diving Specialty is the next step to becoming a dive professional and upgrading to Divemaster. This part of the course addresses all the areas of diving knowledge in a detailed and comprehensive manner: Physics, Physiology, Decompression Theory, Aquatic Environment and Diving Equipment. This knowledge is the basis for a successful career as an SSI Dive Professional.

Becoming a Dive Control Specialist allows you to teach in both the classroom and pool under indirect supervision of an instructor, giving you the basis and necessary experience to become an SSI Open Water Instructor. Your gained practical knowledge will be the cornerstone for your professional career and ensures the safety and fun of your future students.