Divemaster Course on Gili Trawangan


DivemasterCourse Description

Aquaddiction’s Divemaster course on Gili Trawangan is integrated into an internship, including academics sessions, in-water training and evaluations, leadership skills-learning and practice, and unlimited diving to become a very capable diver.


The Divemaster academic material will teach you about –
– What it means to guide dives;
– How the change your attitude to be ready to do this;
– Professional level rescue skills; stress avoidance and dealing with stress in divers;
– Leadership skills and techniques;
– Group management;
– How to organise and lead dives (including speciality dives).
– Leading dives on dive sites around the Gili Islands

You will learn practical skills over the Internship period on Gili Trawangan, giving you the experience required to learn to be a Divemaster and a valuable member of the professional dive community – both in and out of the water. Participation in all of the daily operations of a dive shop will provide great experience in; Scheduling Dives, Preparing Equipment, Organising Boats and Leading Dives. At the end of your course you will have the Skills, Knowledge and Experience to work in any dive shop, anywhere in the world!



Internships are generally 4 weeks or more in duration



SSI Divemaster (Includes Dive Guide and Science of Diving)



Certified Stress & Rescue diver, current first aid qualification required for certification, can be integrated into the course.
– 18 years old and 24 dives (minimum 40 dives required to begin the course and 60 for certification, make up dives to begin course are charged at 65,000 per dive)
– Medically fit (Please see medical questionnaire)

Don’t worry if you don’t meet the prerequisites, we have special price package deals where we bundle the preceding courses together to prepare you for Divemaster. Send us an Email for more details.


Choose Gili Trawangan

We experience some seriously strong currents in the strait of Lombok as it is located at the meeting point of two oceans. This means you will become a skills divemaster in challenging conditions we regularly encounter on Gili Trawangan. When you are looking for work as a Divemaster, having the Gili Islands on your CV will be a massive bonus to you as any potential employer will know that you are capable of guiding dives in challenging conditions. Fun divers have great fun Drift diving, but without an experienced Divemaster it could be dangerous. Choosing to do a Divemaster course with Aquaddiction on Gili Trawangan will set you up for a successful career in the Dive Industry.Divemaster on Gili Trawangan

It’s not all “work work work” though, Gili Trawangan also has a great scene for parties, live music and international cuisine. When you’re not diving or studying, you get to enjoy the social aspect of being a Divemaster trainee or DMT. This usually starts with a few beers while logging our last dive of the day.

Gili Trawangan’s West Coast offers some beautiful sunsets and is a great place to start the night. If you like to party then there is plenty on offer; bars, clubs and live music every night will mean you won’t get bored. But if that’s not your scene there is also an outdoor cinema, minigolf, and many other great ways to spend your time.


Choose Aquaddiction

You’ll quickly realise it’s more of a family than a diveshop here at Aquaddiction. We welcome everyone and you’ll quickly fit in and be welcome to hang out with us every day. We are usually a mix of local Indonesians, ex-pat westerners, divemaster trainees, and students and hostel guests who come for a couple of nights and end up staying for a few weeks, or longer!


Enjoy having beers with us at the end of the day, or watching a movie on our media centre in our upstairs hangout area. We have regular nights out where you can have a chance to show off your dance moves, or perhaps a song on the karaoke? Are you an animal lover? Aquaddiction is home to the Aquacats; a strange mix of cat like super heros who you will quickly fall in love with. Munchies is the oldest Aquacat and she is the boss.  Then we have Mooncup, Barbie and our newest addition Kevin (who is actually a girl).

As one of Gili Trawangan’s leading retailer of Scuba equipment you can enjoy access to all the gear you’ll need to be an awesome Divemaster.  As an Aquaddiction Divemaster Trainee (DMT) we’ll give you a 15% discount on top of anything you buy! We won’t force you to buy anything, you can complete your course by using shop equipment at no extra charge.  However, to be the best Divemaster you’d be looking to buy:
– Mask, find the perfect mask to fit your face for more enjoyable dives. From 600,000 IDR
– Surface Marker Beacon (SMB), signal boats you are ascending and you ready to be collected. From 800,000 IDR
– Dive Computer, to track your depth and No Decompression time. From 3,990,000
All prices are our normal retail price before any Divemaster discount.


Divemaster (Internship) 14,000,000 IDR plus materials

If you want to stay with us during yourSocial evenings at Aquaddiction Divemaster course then please get in touch.  We have special prices for long term stay for our Divemaster trainees. We understand choosing where to take your Divemaster course is a big decision, so please email us if you have any questions and we’d be happy to help!