Enriched Air Nitrox

Course Description

EANx – or Nitrox for short – is accepted as being extremely advantageous to divers, and is available all over the world, often free. Using Nitrox as a diver increases your bottom times – or your safety, depending on your dive-planning – by reducing the nitrogen load on your body during the dives. To rent Nitrox tanks or get Nitrox air fills, you have to have this certification, this will teach you about the added considerations there are to using Nitrox instead of air, and how to ensure your continued safety.



The course can be conducted in one day, or two days including the 2 optional dives.



– Preparation – Learn from the course book and DVD.
– Theory – one session , to run through the knowledge review and complete all explanation necessary
– Practice – use of an oxygen anaylser, re-setting dive computers, using Nitrox tables
– Dives – – Optional 2 dives on great local divesites using Nitrox
– Assessment – knowledge reviews, practical assessment, final exam.



SSI certification to use Nitrox up to 40% (EAN40)



– Age: 12 years
– Certified Diver
– Medically fit (Please see medical questionnaire)

Enriched Air NITROX Course – 1,700,000 IDR
Enriched Air NITROX Course + 2 Dives – 2.500,000 IDR