Fun Dives

With over 3,500 marine species living in the reefs and seas; Indonesia is one of the world’s top diving destinations. Aquaddiction gives you the chance to see this diversity of marine life in over 20 dive sites around the gilis which all have their own unique characteristics which sport drop-offs, plateaus, slopes sea mounds and canyons.

With our custom built dive boat we can reach even the furthest dive site in around 10 minutes and with maximum of four people per group which is led by an instructor or Divemaster and no time limits on dives; you can dodge the crowds and have what every diver wants…more time underwater!

We dive 365 days a year offering single dive boat trips 3-4 times a day, with the dive sites being around 10 minutes away, it means you can be back on Gili Trawangan for your surface interval relaxing on the beach or hammock!

For the dives your Dive Leader (Instructor or Divemaster) will already have your equipment sizes, they will have your gear set up and ready on the boat. The scheduled dives leave at 09:00, 11:30 and 14:30, night dives are at 18:30. You will need to arrive 30 minutes before the dive which allows you to meet your Dive Leader, check your equipment and then receive a dive briefing.