Open Water Diver Course


Open Water DiverCourse Description

The Open Water Diver Course is the classic entry level certification to the world of Scuba Diving. Students find this course provides the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to scuba dive, without any accompanying dive professionals. Upon successful completion, you will be certified to engage in open water diving activities to a maximum of 18 meters all over the world. With over 3,500 marine species living in the reefs and seas; Indonesia is one of the worldā€™s top diving destinations, and a great place to learn to dive!



The course is normally conducted in 3 days (dependent on your preparation).



– Preparation – Learn from the SSI digital online training; 6 chapters, 6 subjects..
– Theory ā€“ usually done in 2 one hour sessions
– Practice – Pool sessions to learn the basics and get comfortable
– Dives – 4 dives on great local divesites ā€“ 2 at 12m, 2 at 18m
– Assessment ā€“ knowledge reviews, in water assessment, final exam.

Gili Islands Open WaterScuba Course


Open Water Diver certification allows you to dive (with a buddy!) anywhere in the world, to a maximum depth of 18m

The theory for the Open Water Course is all completed online using the latest SSI Online Training Course. Since this can be done on your phone, laptop, or tablet you don’t need to worry about buying and carrying books. Therefore, if you have no devices let us know and we can lend you a tablet! You can even begin the theory before you arrive by signing up at selecting Indonesia as the country and “83352 Lombok NTB -> PT. Aquaddiction Dive” as your dive centre.

As a result, once you log in you can complete the Scuba Diver online training which is the first half of the Open Water Course. Furthermore, once arriving you would have 2 academic sessions with your instructor where we would talk you through the theory to ensure you fully understand it all and you would have the chance to ask questions to clarify anything you weren’t clear on.



– Age: 10 years
– Medically fit (Please see medical questionnaire)

Open Water Diver Course – 5,500,000 IDR