Stress & Rescue Diver

Stress and Rescue

Course Description

What happens in case of a diver emergency? How would you respond to stressful situation? You want to become more confident of your dive skills above and below the water? – the Rescue Diver Course is for you. Through practice and theory, you get to know the main causes of stress, how to deal with them safely and perhaps most importantly, how to proactively prevent them from ever happening.



The course is normally conducted in 3 days



– Preparation – Study from the SSI digital training materials
– Theory – run through the knowledge reviews, and instructors will take you through potential scenarios and give you a practical approach to situations above and below the water, teaching about how to avoid and deal with stress and the accidents it may cause.
– Practice – Pool sessions to learn and practice practical rescue skills
– Dives – – 4 dives on great local divesites
– Assessment – knowledge reviews, in water assessment, final exam.



SSI Stress and Rescue diver certification
First Aid & CPR training

To become a certified Rescue Diver it is necessary to have an up to date (last two years) certificate of training in First Aid & CPR. The course runs for one day and provides you with the necessary skills and procedures followed to react in emergency events that do happen every day as well as basic first aid. The course is non-diving related but the skills should be practiced and refreshed as often as possible for any serious diver.



– Age: 15 years
– Certified Diver
– Medically fit (Please see medical questionnaire)

Rescue Diver – 5,500,000 IDR
Rescue Diver + First Aid & CPR – 7,000,000 IDR