Meet The Team

Meet our team of experienced SSI Divemasters and Instructors. They will ensure you get the most out of your diving experience on Gili Trawangan and show you all the fantastic marine life our islands have to offer!

Divemaster Hudari

Hudari has been diving the Gili Islands for over 10 years and is an expert at finding all the cool stuff like sharks and scorpion fish. When he’s not diving he is usually busy with his family or tending to his chickens.
SSI Divemaster Aquaddiction Gili Trawangan
SSI Open Water Diving Instructor Gili Trawangan

Instructor Karen

Karen (Kaz) Kaczmar – Kaz is from Vancouver, Canada. She discovered diving in 2012 in thailand and decided to make a career change from an office job to a beach job as a SCUBA diving instructor. Kaz lived and worked in Koh Tao, thailand for the past 4 years and has now relocated to Gili T. Kaz’s hidden talent is she can solve the Rubik’s Cube.

Instructor Robyn

Resident chatterbox Robyn (Robbo) Hall a always has a story to tell, and will probably tell you twice. She lived in Kuwait, England and Dubai before pursuing her love of diving in Thailand. Robyn has also dived in Greece, Nicaragua, Oman and Australia and chose to settle here in Gili Trawangan last June due to the abundance of marine life and clear waters of the Gili Islands. She would love to open her own dive school one day once she has done with travelling. Fun fact – despite her tiny stature Robyn played international rugby as a child
SSI Scuba Diving Instructor Gili Trawangan
Gili Trawangan Diving Instrcutor

Instructor Wayan

Wayan is from Tanjung in Lombok and has worked at Aquaddiction for 4 years as a SCUBA diving instructor. Wayan has been diving for 6 years and his favourite things are octopus and stone fish. Before he was a diver, he was a professional stick fighter and Wayan also used to wrestle buffalo!